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What makes you take action ?

What makes you take action ?

For a while now I have been asking myself the same question over and over and over in my head – “what makes some people take action and others not take action?

Initially this came from my realization that in 2012 I spent about £4000 on online training programs of various topics and for almost 100% of that spend I am yet to dive into the content.  Some – I haven’t even logged into.

This thought came back to me recently when I went on holiday for the weekend and looked over a list of “things to do” and “Ideas” that I had written down in 2011 of which none I had taken action on.

Then very recently I got involved with a new business opportunity and spoke to quite a few people about the opportunity and perhaps only about 30% of people who got involved after spending money to get involved actually took any action.

What is causing this lack of action-taking ?

Have we become lazy and although the lure of something appealing is high, once we make the decision to get it, the need or desire diminishes.

Before I purchased any of those training courses the sales material I read that enticed me to buy left me with the feeling of “I need this Knowledge”, then when I had purchased it – just knowing it was digitally “there somewhere” was enough to satisfy my need.

Has Google caused this weird mental state?  I do find myself not trying to remember too many things now because I know I can “Google it!”  for example.  I know I should know off by heart the dimensions for images on Facebook because its part of what I do in my business.  Yet every time I am creating an image for a Facebook post I always Google “Facebook Images Sizes”.  I don’t try to learn spellings of words, I just Google them every time.

But what about money and the opportunities new business offers and the lack of action taken by people.  Well, I am on a quest to answer this very conundrum.

Have you ever spent money on online training courses or even real world training courses and then not used or even accessed it?


2 Responses to “What makes you take action ?”

  1. My last comment was deleted – maybe Austin, you need to ask your PORTH solicitor friend Mark Leyshon one of the questions you asked on this page:

    Question: What is causing this lack of action-taking ? Have we become lazy?
    My answer is: Absolutely not – this is my second post here in 2 days.

    I’m highly motivated by the fact that your friend Austin Walters, the PORTH solicitor Mark Leyshon, (See Google+) is blocking my case from being taken to court (A case which exposes government corruption) – WHY?

    Mark Leyshon has also made false allegations against me that he has so far been totally unable to justify – I’m still waiting for a reply to my email Mark.

    Austin, If you also fail to support an innocent member of the public who’s had 10 years of their life ruined by government corruption then you too are guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice with Mark Leyshon. As a successful business leader in society, it would be highly negligent of you to ignore this message – you are intelligent enough to realize that someone needs help here – THERE IS NO EXCUSE NOT TO HELP



    Here is a quote from another of your friends Roy Tomkinson from his REFLECTIONS OF RHONDDA blog article

    “the collieries are long gone, but the people, well the children and grandchildren of miners, still have their traditional WARMTH and KINDNESS and long may it last”

    Austin, you used to live in Pontypridd in Rhonda – do you posses any of this WARMTH and KINDNESS that Roy was talking about?

    No one should ever judge me until they’ve heard my side of the story,

    I make no apology for resorting to these desperate measures to gain the help I need when the system has utterly failed me and there’s a huge conflict of interest if I sought help from the police, or anyone else paid or funded by the government

    Where Am I Meant To Turn To? I Deserve Some Help From Someone Please.

    if your friend MArk Leyshon was doing his job properly, I wouldn’t have ever needed to bother you Austin – I wouldn’t be best pleased with him if I were in your position.

    Posted by Anonymous UK - JUSTICE IS COMING - EXPECT US | November 1, 2013, 5:43 am
    • Good Day my Anonymous commenter,

      I have 2 things to clarify initially.

      1. Your comment of yesterday was not deleted, I am in the process of updating this website and your comment was not yet approved. Each comment is approved typically every 48 hours as there is a lot of spam that hits WordPress Websites.

      2. Mark Leyshon is not a “friend” of mine. He was a student on a social media course that I ran with the University and as I recall did not complete the course. I have had no contact with him before or after the course.

      I have as much credibility or authority with Mark as you do perhaps ?

      Good luck with your situation.

      Posted by austin | November 6, 2013, 11:26 am

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